Make almost anything your own with our state-of-the-art, CO2-powered laser technology, able to customize both flat and three-dimensional objects in a plethora of materials by etching, engraving, and cutting. From plaques and trophies to promotional items, monogrammed jewelry, and timeless keepsakes - Tees Plus can make something truly unique out of the anything mundane.

  • Overview
  • Laser bed is 24” x 18”; laser can work surface areas up to that size with up to 8.5” thickness.
  • Engraves photos, bitmaps, logos, text, and more with capabilities for photo-realistic quality. If you can print it, we can etch or engrave it.
  • Softer materials like wood and acrylic are better for higher resolution images, but cheap or low-quality materials can result in inconsistent engraving.
  • Cut most plastics, wood, papers, and cardboard up to ¼” thick; etch or engrave leather, marble, cork, glass, fabric, stainless steel, titanium, and more.

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